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Ten Years

Last Updated on 2016/10/24

Hong Kong in 2025 is the setting for this hot-topic compendium of five short films that offer a speculative approach to the territory’s possible political trajectory.

Dir Kwok Zune, Wong Fei Pang, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun Wai, Ng Ka Leung
Prod Andrew Choi, Ng Ka Leung
Hong Kong 2015

Presented at BFI London Film Festival

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A crime saga about a staged political assassination, a strange and melancholic sketch about two archivist lovers; a portrait of a marginalised Cantonese-speaking taxi driver; a provocative whodunnit concerning the identity of a protestor who self-immolates outside the British embassy, and an affecting Fahrenheit 451-style allegory featuring a shopkeeper whose son belongs to a young group of government informers. Ten Years opened on just one cinema screen in Hong Kong, but word-of-mouth quickly spread making it a local box office sensation and propelling it to the prestigious Hong Kong Film Awards, where it stunned many by picking up the Best Film prize. Together these stylistically diverse dystopian vignettes present urgent activist filmmaking that packs a cinematic punch and are essential viewing for socially engaged audiences and filmmakers alike.

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