Extreme runner to take Chinese stray dog home after it followed him for 125km

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An Australian extreme runner plans to bring back a stray dog from China to his home in Scotland after it followed him for 125km in the Gobi March 2016 run


Australian extreme runner Dion Leonard says he is planning to bring a stray dog, who followed him for 125 km during a race across China, back to his home in Scotland.

The dog, now named Gobi, accompanied the team from the cooler side of Tian Shan range and ran with them as they went over the mountains and deserts in the Uighur Autonomous region in western China. An experienced multi-stage ultra-runner who has completed several races, Leonard told Reuters he has never seen or heard of such extraordinary occurrence. Leonard has started the “Bring Gobi Home” project to raise funds to bring Gobi to Scotland. Leonard is planning to take Gobi home in time for Christmas after she completes a four-month quarantine as well as medical treatment in Urumqi, China.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2-3Ws5Atyg[/embedyt]

Source: Reuters, BBC

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