Plank at 340 meters from the ground in Shanghai

Skywalk on Shanghai Jinmao Tower


If you want to do something reckless in Shanghai tomorrow, Thursday, July 28, will be open to the public the sky walk on Jin Mao Tower in Lujiazui. The path, on transparent glass, about 60 meters in only 1.20 meters wide allows visitors to plank at 340.6 meters high, from the 88th floor of an office of the Shanghai Jinmao Tower. Visitors have to sign a document that will declare they are physically and mentally strong enough to deal with the sky walk and that such activities will not adversely affect their mental health. Visitors must leave their personal belongings in special lockers, can not bring mobile phones or cameras, souvenir photos will be taken by the service staff to avoid accidents. All visitors that will try the experience of a walk in the clouds will be connected to safety ropes to not exceed the path limits since there are not security barriers, but all will be free enough to plank. Every turn will be admitted only 15 people, including 2 staff members. During the world's highest skyscraper outdoor walk will be possible have a terrific view of Chongming Island. The photos show volunteers who test the safety equipment.

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