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Jin Ping Mei (the Golden Lotus)

The fullest translation of Jin Ping Mei available in English.

This edition was derived from the Egerton translation, minus the Latin, with a few euphemisms thrown in, but is considerably more complete than the Olympia Press version most Westerners are familiar with. Given the fine academic tradition of disassociating one’s self from erotica in any form, Western scholars will often compare this book with… Don Quixote and other non-English masterpieces of a certain age. To which we at Silk Pagoda reply: considering that Jin Ping Mei comes to us as part of a literary cycle (Outlaws of the Marsh) and is primarily a fin de siecle romance with adultery as key theme, the book it best compares to is of course Mort d’Arthur, and Jin Ping Mei’s author should be celebrated for, unlike Mallory, experiencing life outside prison walls.

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Last Updated on 2020/09/27

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