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Jin Ping Mei (CQ size, Traditional Chinese Edition)

This is the traditional Chinese edition of Jin Ping Mei (金瓶梅), the forbidden classical Chinese fiction by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng, edited by YeShell. 《金瓶梅》,又名《金瓶梅词话》,中國明代小說,四大奇書之一,中国史上第一部文人独立创作的长篇白话世情章回小说,作者署为兰陵笑笑生。由於详细描述了古代市井平民的生活和社会现实,歷來研究的学说不少,通称金瓶梅学。 作者 … Read more

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The Jin Ping Mei and the Non-linear Dimensions of the Traditional Chinese Novel

The author takes a revisionist approach to the novel based on his view that it is a fundamentally pluralistic narrative. Identifies chaos theory as a … Read more