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Fairytale of a cruel killer: Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood cosplay – A Chinese team with a strong passion for photography represented a “Red Riding Hood” inspired by a world where coexist a bright and a dark side.

The story, edited by Yin Hui, turns the delicate girl, in a cruel killer. In this kind of world Snow White is just an hypocrite, Cinderella is a demon, etc…

Classic fairytale elements are upside down, everything is at the opposite extreme.

Recently, in the West, turning classic fairy tale elements upside down is a style used in these dark graphic tales. Some artist, even managed to make these stories totally depressing and violent. Fairytales are no longer those of the past, perhaps because the world is just a conspiracy.



Chinese DIY inspired by Harry Potter and Leon

Chinese Airport Security Check inspired by FHM


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