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25 Melancholy illustrations by Voider Sun

Voider Sun is a young graphic designer from Shanghai.

This twentyone years old boy has created a lot of graphics, which bring in a dream reality full of melancholy and nostalgia.

His talent was noticed by magazines like “Men’s Health”,”ELLE MAN”,” 1626 “and many others.

001Voider Sun-graphic designer from Shanghai
002Voider Sun-graphic designer from Shanghai
003Voider Sun
004Voider Sun
005Voider Sun
006Voider Sun
007Voider Sun
008Voider Sun
010Voider Sun
011Voider Sun
012Voider Sun
013Voider Sun
014Voider Sun
015Voider Sun
016Voider Sun
017Voider Sun
018Voider Sun
019Voider Sun
017Voider Sun
019Voider Sun
020Voider Sun
021Voider Sun
022Voider Sun
023Voider Sun
024Voider Sun
025Voider Sun
026Voider Sun

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