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Adult Breastfeeding in China

Alessandro De Toni, while he was investigating the market of the wet nurses in China on behalf of a media company, has accidentally stumbled into a reality that we had never heard of: wet nurses for adults. 

The following Chat Log with the webmaster of Naimaba, the community for breastfeeding lovers.

Alessandro: Are you a wet nurses manager?
Popeye (the nickname of the webmaster): No.
Alessandro: Are you the webmaster of this site?
Popeye: I’m just a guy who likes to drink people’s milk.
Alessandro: Ah, I see. Naimaba is registered under your name?
Popeye: Yes.
Popeye: Are you looking for a wet nurse?
Alessandro: Yes, let me explain:
Alessandro: We would like to shoot a wet nurse workday.
Alessandro: We would like to start just after the Chinese New Year. Salary is 1500 yuan.
Popeye: The wet nurse is for a baby or an adult?
Alessandro: Actually, just now I understand it’s meant for adults.
Popeye: …
Alessandro: I was searching wet nurse breastfeeding babies .
Alessandro: Are you in Beijing?
Popeye: No
Alessandro: Where are you?
Popeye: 1500 isn’t enough. Sometimes price are around 2000 yuan for one time.
Popeye: With that little money you can’t find anyone.
Alessandro: I don’t understand. Are you speaking about a wet nurse feeding kids or adults?
Popeye: Adults
Alessandro: Many adults like to be breastfed?
Popeye: Yes of course. Do you like it?
Alessandro: Actually I never tried.
Popeye: Why don’t you try?
Alessandro: Are there wet nurses in Beijing?
Popeye: No.
Popeye: try to check
Alessandro: What a pity! I took a look, but there aren’t many posts right now.
Alessandro: Do you know where I can find one?
Popeye: Try to check the forum.
Alessandro: Could you please send me a redeem code?
Popeye: Here it is : XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, take care of your account, and please respect the rules.
Alessandro: I will, I’ll assure you;)
Alessandro: May I ask how did you have the idea behind this site?
Popeye: I like wet nurses, ah
Popeye: The goal is to let people understand this industry and the concept of wet nurses for adults.
Popeye: We need to popularize this business. It may be really convenient. Money aren’t really an issue.
Alessandro: I never heard about it before! 🙂
Alessandro: How did you manage to discover this business?
Popeye: I was searching for a wet nurse.
Alessandro: Were you searching for a child or for you?
Popeye: For me.
Popeye: I need to go.
Alessandro: Ok, thank you!

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