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7 Cultural Revolution memorabilia

Cultural Revolution memorabilia – A collection of propaganda material made by the Chinese Communist Party during the Cultural Revolution (National Library of Denmark). The Cultural … Read more

Japanese war prints - Picture of Our Naval Forces in the Yellow Sea Firing at and Sinking Chinese Warships
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53 amazing Japanese war prints of the Sino-Japanese war

The first Sino-Japanese War, commonly now in China as the War of Jiawu 甲午戰爭, began in 1894 and ended in 1895 and was fought between … Read more

Sino Soviet Propaganda Images
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Cool Sino Soviet Propaganda Images

Sino Soviet Propaganda: During the fifties, sino-soviet relations were essentially benign, even if the  ideological roots of the Sino-Soviet split originated in the 1940s and started just after the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance (1950).

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Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards
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14 Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards

1971 was a critical year for the Cultural Revolution.

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