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Aids Village in Henan
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The shocking images of the “Aids Village in Henan” (Graphic Content)

The shocking photographic project “Aids Village in Henan” depicts a community completely destroyed by illegal blood transfusions. Lu Guang‘s photographic work, a Chinese freelancer, awarded … Read more

The colors of China: 30 years of China's history in pictures
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The colors of China: 30 years of China’s history in pictures

The images of Weng Naiqiang, veteran photographer, tell marginal but significant episodes of Chinese daily life that intertwine with the great historical moments and the … Read more

Luo Yang - Girls
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Interview with Luo Yang – “Girls”

LUO Yang (1984) was born and raised in Liaoning Province, China. She is a graduate of the prestigious Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in … Read more

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If You Don’t Drink Tea, You Are Not Chinese

The Chinese community has a symbiotic relationship with tea dating back through the ages.

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The Tang dynasty tomb, three series

The series aim is to reveal the essence of the ancient Tang and Ming dynasties by creating images of their tomb statuary.

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traditional chinese opera
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20+ fascinating images of Traditional Chinese Opera: The life of the last Chinese Folk Troupe

Traditional Chinese Opera – Today, most of the remaining grassroots folk performers live a simple life. They built their rudimentary stages and they tour throughout … Read more

Kanas Lake---Xinjiang-China
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15 inspiring images of Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Kanas Lake is a very popular photography tour destination for Chinese amateur photographers.

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Drunk Summer Nights
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Hangzhou’s Drunk Summer Nights

Summer Nights … something’s begun. But, oh, oh, these summer nights!

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Hong Kong Cage dwellers
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Hong Kong Cage dwellers

When we think about Hong Kong often images of shiny skyscrapers and colorful neon signs come to mind.

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