Chinese New Year

Chicken wedding
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11 Amazing images of the Chicken wedding rooted in ancient rites

A village in southwest China staged a traditional wedding ritual this week that pits ancient traditions against modern views on animal welfare in a fast … Read more

china photography
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The story of the field in front of my house

This is the story of a field in front of my house in Kunming, China. I lived there for almost seven years, in a beautiful … Read more

Chinese New Year at Sanya
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Spending the Chinese New Year holidays in Sanya isn’t the best idea

Chinese New Year, Chunjie, is approaching fast and hundred of millions of people are moving in China. Many people just try to go home, while others buy tickets to go to the most trendy destination.

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sexy Chinese models
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Sexy Chinese New Year: Sexy Chunjie

Last month FHM “For Him Magazine” published a sexy fashion photo shoot inspired by Chunjie. In China, everyone knows that before Chinese New Year, in … Read more

Sanya slum
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The demolition of the largest slum in Sanya, the desolation of the people

In Sanya, began the demolition of Phoenix Village (Fenghuang Town), a large slum on the outskirts of Sanya, in the tropical island of Hainan, leaving … Read more

traditional dragon dance
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Traditional Dragon Dance images in Heqing, Yunnan

Traditional Dragon Dance performed by Bai elderly people in Heqing, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan.

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