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China experts roundups are a series of weekly roundups focused on Chinese culture, economy, lifestyle, design, architecture, contemporary arts, cinema, technology, Chinese history, Chinese language, etc.
China experts – We’ll ask a question to collect insights from a group of experts and we’ll publish the roundup on China-underground.

RongRong & inri, Interview

RongRong & inri, Interview

RongRong & inri, the influential photographic husband and wife team who have shaped contemporary photography in China and beyond, were recognised for both their careers as artists and their significant impact on Asian photography. 

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Getting Home


The most surprising thing about Getting Home is that it’s inspired by a true story …

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A conversation with Jia Zhangke

A Conversation with Jia Zhangke

In 2001 in Beijing we interviewed a young Jia Zhangke.

In late 90s and early 00s most of the sixth generation of Chinese directors movies were forbidden in China. He is generally regarded as a leading figure of the “Sixth Generation” movement of Chinese cinema.

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Beijing UFO Research Organization---ufo in China

Beijing UFO Research Organization: Interview to Zhou Xiaoqiang

China has its official UFO Research Organization investigating UFO activities in the country. In 2009 we interviewed Zhou Xiaoqiang, Secretary of Beijing UFO Research Organization. … Read more