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The Ink Trail: Hong Kong, Sketching the Soul of the City

Exploring Hong Kong through Detailed Ink Drawings by Andreas von Buddenbrock.

“The Ink Trail: Hong Kong” is a book that presents a unique visual exploration of Hong Kong through the ink drawings of Swedish artist Andreas von Buddenbrock. Known by his pseudonym “The Ink Trail,” von Buddenbrock captures the vibrant life, architecture, and landscapes of Hong Kong. Published by Blacksmith Books, the collection showcases drawings from 2017 to 2023, offering readers not only a visual feast but also personal anecdotes and insights into the artist’s creative process.

“The Ink Trail: Hong Kong” is a result of years of dedication to capturing the daily life and unique settings of Hong Kong with fine-liner ink pens. Von Buddenbrock’s artwork captures a broad spectrum of urban and natural environments, focusing on the diversity and character of various locales throughout the city. The book offers a selection of von Buddenbrock’s best drawings, accompanied by narratives that provide a deeper understanding of his experiences and artistic journey.


Andreas von Buddenbrock’s artistic method involves capturing the ambiance of the sites he visits and the personality of the people he encounters. He prefers working outdoors, immersing himself in nature with his sketchbook and pen, allowing him to directly engage with his subjects.

Andreas von Buddenbrock was born in Sweden and has been engaged in drawing from a young age. He pursued formal education in the arts, starting with the BASIS School of Art in Stockholm, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with studies conducted both in Hong Kong and the United States. Post-graduation, von Buddenbrock expanded his experience by working with Swedish sculptor Anders Krisár in New York and training as a gallery associate at the Museum of Modern Art. Currently, he resides in Hong Kong, working as an artist and freelance illustrator.

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