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China’s Obsession with Prestige Cars – From Ownership to Rental

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Economic growth and rising living standards, as well as the influence of culture and trends, are changing the automotive diversity in China. Today, cars are very popular in China, they are symbols of the UAE and its luxurious life. Certain makes and models of cars become symbols of status and lifestyle. People strive to purchase or rent cars that are associated with luxury, comfort, and prestige. In this article, we will talk about popular cars in China that have gained wide recognition in the UAE.

These cars are quite expensive, so buyers rent them for a trip before purchasing these works of art. You can also rent them if you just want to ride something amazing.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive

Starting price: $198,250.

If the regular Panamera Turbo or Turbo Sport Turismo seems too spartan for you, the German company will offer you a stretched version of the model in the Executive trim. It does essentially the same thing as the most expensive standard Turbo S, but adds a little more rear-seat space and a little more fun. If the budget does not yet allow the purchase of this luxury car, then almost anyone can rent it. You can combine pleasant trips with a vacation in the UAE and Rent a Porsche Dubai for a comfortable holiday.

Bentley Bentayga

Starting price: $200,025.

All you need to know about the luxury Bentayga is that you can optionally have a dashboard clock for $160,000. This Breitling tourbillon is the only watch with such a movement that is suitable for installation in a car. A luxury car, which is perhaps much more profitable to rent than to buy and maintain.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Starting price: $460,000.

There are more luxurious and expensive cars in the world than the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but none of them are mass-produced and available for rent. The largest Rolls has always been the standard of luxury in the automotive world, and the updated eighth generation will only strengthen this opinion.

BMW Alpina XB7

Starting price: $145,995.

The BMW X7 is essentially an SUV version of the regular 7 Series, which is so popular in rental showrooms. This means it has all the essential characteristics of a sedan, but also has an attractive high seating position. The Alpina update adds many unique features and even better materials. And also 630 horses – by renting one you will definitely feel the full power of the German automobile industry.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS-Class

Starting price: $166,150.

The GLS 600 is the first Mercedes SUV to bear the aristocratic name Maybach. And certainly not undeservedly. The appearance is arrogant and even flashy, but this is exactly what you need for a rental car that everyone will pay attention to. The back seat offers plenty of space and countless little perks, so you travel in first-class comfort – you can share it with friends or family.

Toyota Century

Starting price: about $180,000.

The car, once created primarily for the needs of the Japanese Emperor, has also been forced to keep up with the times and no longer offers an improved V12 engine – but now the car can be rented by anyone. But the V8 hybrid drive is just as relaxing and enjoyable. At least that’s what buyers in Japan say, the only country where this car is sold freely. In other countries, only rental is available.

Audi A8

Starting price: $88,895.

Even though the A8 is one of the most affordable cars to buy and lease on this list, it doesn’t show it at all, especially in the interior. The limousine from Ingolstadt offers an extravagantly rich list of standard equipment, and the optional rear seat media, controlled by an integrated tablet, will satisfy even the biggest fans of new technology.

Lincoln Navigator

Starting price: $81,620.

The look of Ford’s most luxurious car isn’t to everyone’s taste. However, he has many fans who flock to rental salons. In terms of quality, the new generation is a huge step forward, Hurst emphasizes, and it finally makes it a peer competitor in the luxury SUV segment. In the extended version, this car offers more interior space than almost all its rivals.

Lexus LS

Starting price: $78,035.

Toyota’s premium division lags far behind Germany’s top three when it comes to global sales and rentals. But that doesn’t mean his products don’t have merit. The top-of-the-line LS sedan has 28-way power-adjustable seats, a surprisingly quiet cabin, and, conversely, a twin-turbocharged petrol engine that can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Many people in China want to try luxury cars, which at one time became very popular in the UAE and became its symbol. Fortunately, today, in addition to purchasing, car rental is also available, where everyone can ride in the car of their dreams.

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