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Chinese Gods: An introduction to Chinese folk religion

Tracing the Ancient Origins and Mythical Tales of Chinese Deities.

Chinese gods, their origins, and their roles are topics of inquiry in Chinese folk religion, which serves as the underlying belief system for over a billion Chinese individuals.

Author: Jonathan Chamberlain
Publisher: Blacksmith Books

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The Chinese gods, a fundamental aspect of Chinese folk religion, are revered by over a billion Chinese individuals. Within Chinese households, offices, and restaurants, one can easily spot altars, statues, or paper representations symbolizing good luck. Furthermore, wherever there is a Chinese community, temples and shrines dedicated to Earth Gods can be found. But what precisely is the religious system that underlies these various manifestations of belief? How do these beliefs intersect with Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism?

Chinese Gods offers insights into the foundational elements of this religious system, which lacks a distinct name in Chinese culture due to its intricate integration with language and customs, thus existing as an inseparable part of the broader culture. The book delves deep into the analysis of 19 significant deities within the Chinese pantheon, unraveling their origins and shedding light on the multifaceted roles they play.

Topics: Cultural significance of Chinese deities in folk religion, Worship practices and beliefs associated with Chinese gods, Ancient origins and divine roles of Chinese gods

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