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TikTok Vows to Intensify Fight Against Disinformation in the European Union

Last Updated on 2023/02/09

TikTok’s Latest Efforts to Combat Disinformation and Ensure User Safety on its Platform

TikTok, the Chinese social media company, has pledged to increase its efforts to combat disinformation on its platform. The announcement was made on Thursday as the company presented its progress report to the European Union (EU) on its implementation of the strengthened EU code of practice on disinformation in the past six months. The company recognized that there is still more work to be done in addressing disinformation on its platform.

The company is taking several steps to tackle the issue of disinformation. It plans to add more safety features and broaden its fact-checking measures. This effort is being driven by the role that state-controlled media plays in spreading false information, as well as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In her blog post, Caroline Greer, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, said that the company is “investing in a number of initiatives.” These initiatives include expanding its state-controlled media labels, ramping up its efforts against disinformation linked to Ukraine, and broadening its fact-checking program across Europe to include more language coverage. The company will also increase the volume of claims it fact-checks.

According to the company, while TikTok is proud to be providing detailed information on its efforts to tackle disinformation for the first time, it acknowledges that there is still much work to be done. The company is committed to making the necessary investments and taking the necessary steps to ensure that its platform remains a safe and trustworthy source of information for its users.

The company will also enhance its approach toward disinformation in its advertising policies.

TikTok reported that over the past six months, it has taken down 191 advertisements that violated its prohibition on political entities advertising on its platform. Additionally, it has provided connections to authoritative sources of information on COVID-19, the Holocaust, the war in Ukraine, and other relevant topics.

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