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Benefits of Growing Cherry Blossom Seeds

Last Updated on 2023/02/02

This strain is cultivated primarily in the Pacific Northwest, including Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Many stoners already fell in love with him, and growers who want to please them are studying effective methods, and how to plant Cherry Blossom seeds. Why is this strain so special? In the cannabis market, few people know about this strain, and yet, there are already quite a few fans of this magnificent indica flower with a pleasant berry aroma and an equally pleasant relaxation effect.

There is still no unequivocal opinion regarding his parents, however, the assumptions agree that this is Berry Blossom and 50-50. Berry Blossom is a pleasantly strawberry-scented indica with low THC (12%), while 50-50 is a sativa with 20% THC, which creates a slight stimulating effect. Since their offspring turned out to be full-fledged indica, the parental properties of the sativa come to the rescue in order to finally not fall asleep in the blissful buzz of the Cherry Blossom strain.

Other sources claim that the ancestor of the Cherry Blossom is Cherry Pie, a hybrid with 16% THC and a heady cherry aroma.

Cherry Blossom Data

Cherry Blossom contains about 20% THC, although in some crops it reached 28% – apparently, this was due to the peculiarities of the climate.

The predominant terpenes found in this shrub are limonene, beta-myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene.

Taste and Aroma

A ripe Cherry Blossom has large, dark green buds reminiscent of balloons. They are covered with a scattering of large, golden-hued glandular trichomes and a layer of bright red pistils, which gives them an orange-hued forest green base.

When broken, the buds begin to exude a fruity-sweet and earthy aroma simultaneously. Approximately the same you can feel the taste. On the inhale, it resembles a cherry with an earthy undertone and then comes a warmer, even peppery aftertaste.

Cherry Blossom Effects

Cherry Blossom has a smooth indica onset and the same gentle sedative effect, which is characterized by sufficient saturation. Those who like to lie on the couch to their favorite music, subsequently falling asleep in the most serene sleep, appreciate it.

If you are a beginner, start with one puff, as uncontrolled consumption can lead to hallucinations and you will fall asleep before you can appreciate the full gamut of positive effects of this herb.

Strain helps those who suffer from stress disorder, depression, and headaches. Try it if you have trouble sleeping or are overly anxious.

Cherry Blossom Growing

Growers who invest time and money in Cherry Blossom seeds will definitely benefit. The strain does not require any special growth conditions, and the result is usually amazing.

They begin to bear fruit after 8-10 days, provided that the temperature is sufficiently warm and the humidity is moderate.

To increase the yield, growers recommend using the sea of ​​green (SOG) technique. Its essence is to grow many small plants in a compact area, instead of focusing on large ones.

How to Grow a Cherry Blossom Tree

Yes, cannabis can be grown as a tree.

How does it work? You do not need to buy Cherry Blossom tree seeds for this. The tree can be grown using a cannabis mother plant and following certain instructions.

Growing a bonsai tree from feminized hemp seeds may look like a separate art here. Cannabis is naturally flexible and has a mechanism that helps it survive even under extreme conditions. Why shouldn’t it grow into the shape of a bonsai tree?

Bonsai is essentially a miniature tree, but its essence is more in the form and cultivation technique. The technique allows the tree to be miniaturized while maintaining the health and properties of the cannabis strain. Translated from Japanese, the word means “planted in a container.” A small container allows you to limit the absorption of nutrients, which leads to a small root system and, accordingly, the miniature size of the tree.

Cann-bonsai are usually grown to obtain clone cuts and thereby provide a variety of genetics. A cannabis bonsai takes up much less space than an adult plant.

Growers have identified a range of strains that are suitable for growing a miniature cannabis tree. Cherry blossom bonsai seeds are one of those options that provide effective results.

How to Grow Marijuana Bonsai

In order to get a pretty bonsai you will need a 2-3 week old cannabis plant in a pot. After harvesting, you can return the plant to a vegetative state by changing the light cycle to 18 hours or more, leaving it for beauty.

For the harvest, bonsai can be used for several seasons, providing it with proper nutrition and pruning of the roots.

For this it is important:

– at the time of harvest, cut only the top of the plant, where the largest buds are;

– remove all old yellow leaves from the central part of the plant;

– leave small shoots at the bottom of the stem for plant regeneration;

– give the plant as many nutrients as possible, especially nitrogen.

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