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Epic Cloud Secures Exclusive Taiwan Distribution Rights for Vpon Big Data

Last Updated on 2023/02/04

Vpon Big Data Finds Epic Cloud as Its Taiwan Distributor, Boosting Reach and Sales

The global big data analysis industry is rapidly shifting towards cloud deployment, with IDC predicting that cloud spending will surpass that of local deployments for the first time in 2023. In line with this trend, MetaAge’s Epic Cloud is establishing itself as a major player in the cloud and data economy with its acquisition of the Taiwan distributorship for Vpon Big Data, a renowned big data platform provider in Asia.

The Emergence of Cloud and Data in Business World

As the global big data market is forecasted to reach an impressive US$346.3 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 30% according to Precedence Research, Epic Cloud has been actively expanding its Customer Experience Data Solutions to help companies leverage big data for revenue growth. Epic Cloud Chairman TK Young believes that the future belongs to cloud and big data and their complementary resources and applications. With Vpon’s advanced big data analysis technologies, including the richest mobile database in Asia, paired with Epic Cloud’s cloud-native system integration and development expertise, companies will be equipped to effectively monetize their data collections.

Vpon, a leader in the Asian big data industry empowers brands to extract value from their data through its extensive network of 900 million mobile devices and daily access to 21 billion bits of biddable traffic across Asia. With over 1,500 of the world’s leading brands as clients and a presence in major cities like Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Osaka, Vpon has a proven track record in delivering comprehensive data solutions for data analysis, advertising, cross-border marketing, and e-commerce performance optimization. The partnership between Vpon and Epic Cloud brings together Vpon’s expertise in big data and Epic Cloud’s technical proficiency in cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This collaboration will enable financial institutions, government agencies, and retailers to undertake accurate and compliant digital transformation while providing immediate results in data power and integrated marketing. Epic Cloud’s Customer Experience Data Solution, which includes the world-leading marketing solution HubSpot and Infobip, a one-stop, all-channel marketing platform, when combined with Vpon’s leadership in the data economy, forms a powerful suite of tools for data monetization. By leveraging Epic Cloud’s cloud-native application expertise and Vpon’s data-driven solutions, the partnership addresses the needs of various industries for data navigation and offers established data monetization solutions. In response to the convergence of cloud and big data, Epic Cloud will continue to provide cutting-edge data monetization solutions to meet the growing demand.

Featured image: (from left) Xu Zewei, General Manager of Vpon Taiwan; Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon; TK Young, Chairman of Epic Cloud; and Zhu Yiqing, Vice General Manager of Epi Cloud

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