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Buddha Shakyamuni Compassion Copper Statue Decoration

The Buddha Shakyamuni Copper Statue is handcrafted by a master craftsman from high-quality materials, and each one has a unique positive meaning.

Gautama Buddha (also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Siddhattha Gotama, Shakyamuni, Sakkamuni, and The Buddha) was an ascetic and spiritual teacher from ancient India who lived in the sixth or fifth centuries BCE. He is honored by Buddhists as a completely enlightened being who taught a road to Nirvana, or escape from ignorance, desire, reincarnation, and suffering.


Hand and body motions are used by Buddhist figures to communicate. Shakyamuni Buddha’s right hand is extended down to touch the earth in the statue art. This gesture commemorates the occasion when he summoned the earth to witness his transcendence of the realms of Mara, the supreme God of the world (samsara), who had attempted to divert his attention away from his meditation. The earth trembled and shook as a result of Shakyamuni’s attainment of Buddhahood. In a meditative posture, Shakyamuni’s left hand rests on his lap and holds his alms bowl.

Buddha Shakyamuni Compassion Copper Statue Decoration
Buddha Shakyamuni Compassion Copper Statue Decoration

Although this symbol is spiritually related, its potency and applicative characteristics are transmitted to a vast culture that is not limited to a single faith or nation. The Buddha’s enlightenment is all-pervasive, providing us with the strength to pursue our goals and realize our full potential. This tranquil sign is typically associated with the phrase “lucky,” since it fills you with amazing fortune and clarity of mind, allowing you to examine possibilities, opportunities, and the future from a blank canvas. Mindfulness becomes a second nature.

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