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Which payment systems are best for online casinos?

Last Updated on 2022/06/21

Without exception, all virtual gaming enterprises provide their customers with a wide range of deposit and withdrawal alternatives. A vast range of options might be perplexing for gamers at times like bank cards, electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.), and a couple of other transaction methods are the most popular in the post-Soviet countries, as well as worldwide. In today’s article BestAuCasinosOnline will take a closer look at all the most popular methods of depositing and withdrawing money to online casinos today.

Сredit cards

Mastercard and Visa are considered to be the most common electronic transaction systems at the moment. This pair of systems guarantees the user access to their finances anywhere in the world, including the global network. Arguably, all modern virtual Visa casinos already accept these payment systems for both incoming and outgoing transactions. However, along with this there are a number of shortcomings.

For instance, in some online gambling clubs, players can make deposits to the site account through these payment systems, but the option to withdraw funds by the same method will not be available. In addition, quite a few online sites charge a fee for the use of Mastercard or Visa class cards. Similar actions are also seen on the part of banking institutions, i.e. some banks charge a fee for every transaction, while others simply charge a certain fee for credit card maintenance.

Sometimes there are bank cards with restricted deposits and withdrawals, and there are banking institutions that have a policy of not allowing credit card use for making deposits to any gambling businesses. It is worth noting that most of these problems can easily be solved if the user has made any special requests while applying for and using Visa and Mastercard cards.


Skrill is one of the most well-known and popular electronic payment systems worldwide, supported by the vast majority of online gambling institutions.

The main advantages of this payment system are easy opening of an electronic wallet and fast financial transactions. To create an account on Skrill the user has to fill in a standard online registration form. This EFT allows you to link your account to a bank card or other electronic payment system. With online gambling clubs, withdrawals to the Skrill account are made as quickly as funding a gaming account. But in order to cash out the credited funds, users can resort to several methods. For instance, you can always use a credit card or order a bank transfer. Another important advantage of the EPN is the bonus rewards that are credited to your game account in some online gambling clubs for the fact that you fund your account through Skrill.

Among the disadvantages of this payment system are different fees. For instance, the fee varies from two to five and a half percent depending on the account maintenance option or your regional location. Please note that transactions made with Skrill Prepaid MasterCard will cost you approximately ten euros per year. All these aspects should therefore be taken into consideration before using this electronic payment system and playing online casino games in general.


Among the leaders of electronic payment systems that are in great demand among fans of gambling entertainment and not only Neteller. Presented EFT is considered one of the oldest, because it began its work in 1999 and has since been gaining a larger and larger user audience. The merits of Neteller include most of the positive aspects of its predecessor, Skrill. For example, simple registration procedure, lightning-fast money transactions, and participation in the bonus programme in most online gambling establishments.

But at the same time, the electronic payment system in question has its own merits. First of all, when you use Net + Prepaid Mastercard there is no service charge. Second, when you use the system Neteller in a specific virtual club for gambling, you can not only get good bonuses, and points in the loyalty program. Thirdly, the reviewed EFT is constantly conducting various promotions and lotteries among its most active gamblers. In order to participate in such lotteries you only need to actively use your account in this payment system. And the last plus is Neteller’s own VIP program, which allows you to get a special preference, that is, to freely use some of the paid or closed options.

However, there are some minor drawbacks. In the electronic payment system Neteller, there is a 2.95 percent commission for currency conversion.

In addition to the payment methods described above, there are several other methods that allow you to both deposit and withdraw money in virtual casinos. For example, there are gambling clubs that accept cryptocurrency. In addition, there is always the option of receiving a bank transfer or a cheque. Many establishments support work with other EFT. However, each of the existing methods has its negative aspects that do not allow them to gain popularity among the players from the CIS countries. Among the most frequent discouraging nuances are regional limits or overpriced commission.

Please note that even the payment systems we have considered have their regional peculiarities, so carefully study the rules of this or that system to determine the most optimal way of your money transfer. Only after such analysis can you make the right choice.

To avoid problems with the withdrawal of winnings, you should read the user agreement very carefully, paying attention to all the clauses of the rules. Then you should scrupulously adhere to all the requirements. If you have any doubts or questions, contact the support team immediately for clarification.

Keep in mind that not all online casinos pay out instantly. Many take up to 24 hours to verify identity and transactions. With some payment systems, there are additional delays. For example, money transfers can take up to seven days.

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