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Midea introduces its first home service robot Xiaowei

AI Butler, Family Assistant, Safety Guard, and Tech Playmate – Midea’s first home service robot offers everything in a single AI package.

Midea, the worldwide pioneer in smart homes, offers XIAOWEI, an intelligent robot that can serve as an AI Butler, Family Assistant, Safety Guard, and Tech Playmate. The home robot XIAOWEI is anticipated to be released in the second part of 2022 as a separate brand WISHUG by Midea Group.

XIAOWEI, the first-generation Midea household robot, is roughly one meter tall and resembles a juvenile effigy with some attractive face traits. Dr. Tang Jian, IEEE Fellow, ACM Distinguished Scientist, CIE Fellow, and General Manager of Midea AI Innovation Center, says, “We think XIAOWEI can make a family’s daily life simpler.”

XIAOWEI has access to smart home appliances and IoT devices; for example, if XIAOWEI senses a family member is about to arrive home, it may switch on the lights and air conditioner ahead of time to set a pleasant temperature and humidity for their arrival.

XIAOWEI can recognize family members using face and body tracking technology, making the versatile robot a dependable AI housekeeper who can also provide excellent all-around protection. You may program the robot to visit every room in the house to keep a check on things and help deliver household supplies, as well as for remote monitoring and safety patrol.

It’s also worth noting that XIAOWEI is a wonderful playmate, as it can create a mobile theater, entertainment center, and interactive play space at home with its built-in projector and other modern technology, keeping the entire family entertained.

Through its built-in 3D camera, the XIAOWEI robot can scan the house in all directions, perform autonomous exploration and mapping, recognize object properties, and generate semantic information. For example, using this technology, the robot XIAOWEI understands which is the couch and where the sofa is, and then you tell him “go to the sofa,” and XIAOWEI will walk to the sofa by himself by reacting to a voice order.

“Looking to the future, the household robot brings multiple possibilities.” Household robots, like smartphones and new energy cars, are already transforming people’s lifestyles and will become a fundamental must-have for families, according to Dr. Tang Jian.

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