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The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories

Last Updated on 2022/05/27

A pioneering short story collection that examines the span of Chinese science fiction and fantasy comes from an award-winning team of authors, editors, and translators.

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You may dine at a restaurant at the end of the universe, cultivate immortality in the high mountains, watch flowers recite Shakespeare, or arrive at the island of the gods on the backs of huge fish to ensure that the world can blossom in The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories.

These stories have never been published in English before and represent both the profoundly convoluted past and the colorful future of Chinese science fiction and fantasy. They were written, edited, and translated by a female and nonbinary team.

In this breathtaking new collection, journey back in time to a winter’s day on the West Lake, explore the absolute limits of death and meet old gods and new heroes.

Yu Chen has spent over 10 years working in the field of science fiction and fantasy publishing. She has organized and participated in a number of SFF forums, conventions, workshops, and conferences, and has published more than ten SFF books, including Han Song’s “Hospital Trilogy” (Hospital, Exorcism, and Revenant) and Song Mingwei’s “The New Wave of Chinese Science Fiction: History, Poetics, and Text.” Exorcism won the 29th Galaxy Award for Chinese Science Fiction’s Best Original Book Award.

Regina Kanyu Wang is a Shanghai-based multilingual writer who works in both Chinese and English. She has received many Xingyun Awards for Global Chinese SF and the SF Comet international short story competition. Her pieces have appeared in a variety of publications and anthologies, as well as in her books Of Cloud and Mist 2.2 and The Seafood Restaurant. She is the cofounder of SF AppleCore and Storycom’s Overseas Market Director, and she will shortly join the CoFUTURES project at the University of Oslo, where she will explore current Chinese science fiction by female artists.

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