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Daughter Of The Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

The Celestial Kingdom Duology #1

A gripping first novel based on the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e’s mythology, in which a young woman’s quest to rescue her mother puts her against the realm’s most powerful immortal.

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Xingyin is used to living alone, having grown up on the moon, unknowing that she is being kept from the dreaded Celestial Emperor, who exiled her mother for stealing his immortality elixir. However, when Xingyin’s power ignites and her presence is revealed, she is compelled to depart her home, abandoning her mother.

She travels to the Celestial Kingdom, a world of wonder and mystery, alone, helpless, and scared. She disguises herself and seizes an opportunity to train archery and magic alongside the emperor’s son, even as desire flares between her and the prince.

Xingyin goes on a treacherous mission to save her mother, encountering mythical animals and ferocious foes across the land and heavens. When betrayal lurks and forbidden magic threatens the kingdom, she must confront the cruel Celestial Emperor for her dream, forging a perilous bargain in which she must choose between losing all she cares about and bringing the nation to ruin.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess is the first book in a captivating, romantic duology that blends ancient Chinese mythology into a grand adventure of immortals and magic—where love battles honor, dreams are tainted by treachery, and hope triumphs.

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