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Angry Miao launches CYBERBOARD Terminal with translucent integrated Gasket Mount

Last Updated on 2022/04/28

Angry Miao introduces the world’s first translucent integrated Gasket Mount with the CYBERBOARD Terminal.

Angry Miao officially introduced CYBERBOARD Terminal, a new custom mechanical keyboard inspired by Terminal, on April 27, 2022. It’s also the first mechanical keyboard to include a transparent integrated Gasket Mount. The Base Kit has an official retail price of 600 USD, while the Bundle (engraved and non-engraved) has an official retail price of 810 USD. Starting April 28, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., CYBERBOARD Terminal will be sold in limited numbers globally through Angry Miao’s official website ( (PDT).

Inspired by the SciFi movie The Terminal

The terminal is a control window into the virtual world that has appeared in a number of science fiction films and television shows.
People’s hearts are strongly buried in unique components such as the flashing underscore in command-line interfaces, digital rain, and black and green dynamic lighting effects.

The CYBERBOARD Terminal is composed of a semi-transparent black PC material that doesn’t need to be painted.
This enhanced manufacturing technique is not only more environmentally friendly but also offers increased stability and longevity.

Digital Rain, which represents the command line, is included in CYBERBOARD Terminal’s dynamic lighting effects.
It flies over the LED display like it’s on a never-ending quest for knowledge, and it depicts a geeky environment with a distinctive afterimage effect evident with each keystroke.

CYBERBOARD Terminal immerses users in a vintage futuristic hacker environment by mixing the bespoke PC material and its black backdrop with green characters with its distinctive LED panel and in-switch LED illumination.

An advanced transparent gasket with an integrated design

Angry Miao takes a risk when it comes to increased feel by using a transparent gasket construction with an integrated design.
The Gasket Mount is built right into the PC keyboard’s substance. The materials and aesthetics of the interior have also been upgraded, in addition to assuring an excellent typing experience.

Unlike earlier versions of Angry Miao’s Gasket Mount, this one uses level 10 silicone hardness. The silicone is blended with the plate via in-mould injection, which not only helps the keyboard seem more transparent by blending in with the overall design but also makes it sound less hollow and feel more substantial.

Stainless steel weight plate with a mirror PVD finish

Semi-transparent PC material, unlike metal, produces a really interesting RGB lighting effect. A counterweight is utilized to provide the same solid sensation as when utilizing metal.

The counterweight in CYBERBOARD Terminal has a unique design that allows the weight plate to be seen from the outside. Its mirror PVD stainless steel bottom surface takes up the majority of the space. The exposed shiny stainless steel contrasts sharply with the matte PC material.

The black keyboard case is unique

To complete the hacker experience, Angry Miao developed a black-on-green keyboard enclosure for the CYBERBOARD Terminal in addition to a makeover of the keyboard itself.

Co-creation in the community

It’s worth noting that the product photography for the CYBERBOARD Terminal was done in partnership with Angry Miao and its community. Community members that are interested in developing high-quality content are welcome to participate in Angry Miao’s DAO platform.

DAO is a type of organization based on the blockchain concept. It’s based on co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, and collaborative concepts. Users of Angry Miao may take part in the co-creation of goods at every level of the process, including product optimization, iteration, and innovation.

Angry Miao’s brand development is driven forward in collaboration with its users, based on the “Future Art Community” brand idea. In the future, “MIAO COIN” incentives will be granted based on each user’s participation, and they will be voted on through Angry Miao’s DAO platform. This is to allow its loyal customers to develop alongside the business and become more than “spiritual shareholders.”


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