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The Navee N65 Electric Scooter Makes Traveling Easier, Safer, And Smarter

Last Updated on 2022/03/22

Xiaomi’s new ecological chain firm, NAVEE, has released its new model N65, which offers a high level of performance and leads to a more convenient, safer, and intelligent travel style.

For e-scooters, a lack of running distance has always been a serious challenge. Fortunately, the NAVEE N65 has achieved a breakthrough in this area, with a big battery pack and energy recovery technology allowing it to travel up to 65 kilometers. This development is fantastic news for e-scooter commuters since they will no longer have to worry about charging their vehicles every day, making their journey considerably easier. 

The strong 500W motor is another highlight. With a robust power source, the NAVEE N65 can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h and climb a 25% incline, when most e-scooters cannot, making it much easier for individuals who have to cross uphill hills on their route to work.

The NAVEE N65’s braking technology is more modern and safer than a typical disc brake. It comprises of a front EABS and a rear disc brake that can rapidly and safely stop the scooter.

Furthermore, the NAVEE N65 sports 10in wide tires. Unlike 8-inch tires, 10in tires can readily traverse obstacles and roll smoothly even on uneven roads, ensuring a comfortable ride. 

Aside from the benefits listed above, the NAVEE N65 offers other features that are built for comfort and intelligence. It boasts a 17cm broad footboard with a non-slip silicone surface so riders may stand comfortably, a smart LED dashboard controlled by an app, and three speed levels to fulfill various demands. The NAVEE N65 also features a thoughtful folding system with a rotating handlebar that makes it easy to fold and transport. Furthermore, it does not require installation, saving consumers time and effort.

The N65 model is currently available on the e-commerce portal Geekbuying, which is running a NAVEE N65 March Mega Sale. 

  • €599.99 for each, along with a gift, during Mar. 21st to 27th;
  • €349.99 for each, half the original price, during the 2 lightning deals starting at 9 a.m., respectively on Mar. 24th and 26th;

After the discounts, the price will return to €699.99. 

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