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China replaces Xinjiang communist party chief

Last Updated on 2021/12/26

Chen Quanguo, 66, one of the Chinese Communist Party leaders placed on a US sanctions blacklist, is reportedly stepping down.

Chen Quanguo, who oversaw the crackdown on ethnic Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region, is stepping down after seven years, according to Chinese media. Chen is considered one of the coordinators of the crackdown on the Muslim minority.

Chen is a former military man who assumed the position in Xinjiang after serving as the Communist Party’s chief in Tibet since 2011. In Tibet, he is credited with bringing the region back under government control after a series of demonstrative acts, demonstrations, and clashes with police.

With Chen’s arrival, the situation in Xinjiang deteriorated, and reports began to emerge regarding the notorious “re-education camps” in the region, where citizens of the Islamic faith are imprisoned to be subjected to various forms of physical and psychological abuse.

According to United Nations figures, one million people are detained in these camps.

The Chinese government has always denied allegations of abuse, stating that these centers are nothing more than labor centers.

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