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The Ease of the Pandemic Paves the Way for Taiwanese Cuisine

It has been over 18 months since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given that Taiwan has reported 0 local infection cases for several days, food services in Taiwan still adhere to the preventive measures in line with the government policy, doing their best to keep customers safe. With the pandemic severely impacting the foodservice industry, operators have been pro-actively seeking ways to transform their operations in the post-pandemic era. At the same time, the government introduced the “Take Out” platform in May to enable Taiwanese people to order food with peace of mind. Additionally, to help boost the food industry, “Food Lover” vouchers ( were also introduced to drive spending all over Taiwan.

With the pandemic situation gradually coming under control, the “Legacy 2021 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future” award was successfully held on October 20, 2021. After the recognition and praises received last year with the “Traditional 2020 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future” award,  this year the theme focused on “legacy” hoping to pass down the spirit of Taiwanese dishes. 72 winners were selected to be crowned from the 117 applicants, allowing both renowned and up-and-coming Taiwanese chefs to gather and improve their culinary skills.

Photo of 12 chefs of the Legacy 2021 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future

Furthermore, the Department of Commerce released an e-book “The Handbook of Selected Restaurants for Legacy 2021 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future,” allowing food lovers to discover the best in Taiwanese cuisine. With special dishes created by renowned chefs alongside a variety of hand-shaken drinks, a vast array of Taiwanese cuisine is ready to enter into a new world, allowing us to co-exist with the virus and withstand the impact to the fullest extent possible. By paving the way for Taiwanese food in advance, tourism, travel, and service sectors can be further helped to tackle future challenges.

SOURCE Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic

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