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How much programmers earn in China

The salary of programmers varies by industry, years of experience, geographical location, different companies.

More experienced programmers are more likely to be better paid. On average, the best company in China pay around 300,000 yuan (more than US$50 000). I’m not sure how much it is worldwide since I only know about China.

China has a huge population of 1.4 billion people and many of them are high educated people who graduated from top universities in China or abroad with great grades, so now there is a lot of competition within the country itself. But still at large scale industries like manufacturing plants usually offer very low salaries compared with research & development or software firms. For example, for students graduating from top Chinese universities the starting salary could be 6000 yuan (US$960) per month in some cases, but with good skills and some years of experience this can go up to 30000 yuan (US$4800)per month.

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Salaries for programmers in China vary a great deal depending on the company, position, and level of experience. Generally speaking, though, programmers in China make less than their counterparts in other countries. Entry-level salaries are approximately 5000 yuan (US$800) per month. For more experienced programmers, this varies between 20,000-30,000 yuan (US$3200-$4800) per month on average. As with most jobs in China, experience and education level play an important role in determining salary.

One of the main reasons for the variations is the fact that labor costs can be quite cheap in some areas of China; although average salaries are increasing as more opportunities open up to skilled developers. According to one source, monthly salaries for software engineers at Taiwanese firms operating within mainland China averaged about 4500 yuan (US$735) compared with 10000 yuan (US$1650) at Chinese companies and 13000 yuan (US$2120) at Taiwanese companies.

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Another reason for the varying salaries is, of course, geographical location. Generally speaking, better paid programmers are able to live in Shanghai or Beijing rather than more remote cities or towns. If you want to get into coding in China but don’t already have a degree or significant experience with developers, consider teaching English while building your skills; even though it may seem like less money at first, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience that can contribute to career growth later on. How much do Chinese programmers make? It really depends on the company and position within that company they hold. A new junior developer starting out could expect an entrylevel salary around 6500 yuan (US$1050) per month while a senior developer could expect about 30,000 yuan (US$4800).

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If you are one of the top 1% in China, then your salary might be more than 300,000 yuan (more than US$50 000) per year. But if you are not in this group of people who are well educated and have good skills for programming, think twice before starting out to be a programmer. You might end up with less salary after several years working as a professional programmer. And remember that your salary will depend on many factors like personal skills, experience, company where you work at etc .

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