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KanDao Obsidian Pro won 2021 Good Design Award Best 100

KanDao Obsidian Pro clinched the Good Design Best 100 at Japan’s Good Design Award 2021.

The award is sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion to honor good design and high quality. Each entry is evaluated according to a rigorous set of criteria, including good design, innovation, and impact.

A total of 5835 products were involved in compiling the award. KanDao Obsidian Pro won Good Design Best 100 alongside other products from well-known technology companies.

Judges’ comments highlighted the sophisticated technique and KanDao’s innovative principles, as they praised, “the layout of internal parts is balanced in weight and ingenious; the SSD is housed under the center handle, and eight 195-degree fisheye lenses are arranged radially and orderly around it in a good balance.” The appearance of Obsidian Pro also received good remarks. With our “precision-forging technology” and “delicate surface treatment”, it delivers “a sense of high quality befitting its performance: 12K 3D 30FPS.” Additionally, its outstanding features are also highly appreciated by judges from other fields as “an extraordinary product that caused a sensation in the optical equipment field dominated by established domestic manufacturers”.

A Remarkable 12K 3D VR Cinematic Camera

KanDao Obsidian Pro, as the first 30FPS panoramic 3D camera that can reach 12K resolution, can be seen as breaking through in the VR industry. The integration of eight 6K f2.8 Lenses with a 14-elements 10-groups optical design is the essential part for achieving cinematic imaging quality. Also, its 14-stops dynamic range realizes the smooth transition from shadow to highlight.

195° Fisheye & 8K Panoramic Live

KanDao’s precision forging technology and advanced surface treatment made the appearance beautiful and elegant. Its exclusive 195° fisheye lenses ensure the image quality. The eight-lens structure allows each angle to be covered by three lenses, providing capture coverage of up to 300%. CPU supports real-time stitching of 8 shots and 8K panoramic live.

Electronic Aperture/Focus Control

Obsidian Pro is the first panoramic camera equipped with lenses that have an adjustable aperture. From f2.8 to f16, it has 16 stops of adjustable exposure for precise control on the depth of field. Offering “Near” and “Normal” as two options of selectable focus distance, it meets different focus requirements under the huge aperture.

Meanwhile, KanDao Meeting Pro, the flagship product from KanDao’s meeting camera series, also won the Good Design Award 2021. KanDao Meeting Pro is a four-in-one integrated panoramic camera that offers an immersive remote-meeting experience. Till now, KanDao technology has collected four major international industrial design awards (Reddot, iF, IDEA, and G-Mark). Noteworthy, KanDao Meeting Pro is the winner of the above four awards.

Products recognized by the Good Design Award demonstrate excellence in both professional design and advanced technique meanwhile highlighting the impact of design on business success, so in the future, we will strive to produce excellent high-tech imaging products.

Source: KanDao

Last Updated on 2021/10/21

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