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Organic Wulong Oolong Teabags

Authentic Organic Wulong Oolong Teabags


Our organic teabag line offers the sophisticated tea drinker the quick alternative. It is not easy to reproduce a loose leaf tea, but if one learns to brew these bags with a little attention, the outcome could be a surprisingly good cup of tea. Some important reminders are the water temperature for teabags should be between 150-180 deg f. Water that comes straight out of a boiling water kettle will scorch the green or white tea bags especially. Water that comes out of an office water cooler is usually about 160-165 degrees, and that is perfect for our teabags. Please also monitor your steeping time. The leaves can infuse in as little as 30 seconds, so vary the steeping time until you discover your own preferred concentration. Do not just leave the teabag in the water to ‘make it stronger, you will only make it more bitter. Also, try using 4-6 oz of water instead of 10-14 oz which is the size of an average mug. By brewing in less water the tea brew will be stronger and tastier. Teabags can be reused immediately once more with less hot water. Do not use a teabag again if it has sat out for hours or overnight.

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