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Inspired by Wes Anderson’s color palette, Angry Miao releases CYBERBOARD R3

On October 19, 2021, Angry Miao officially launched its next generation of custom mechanical keyboards, the CYBERBORAD R3.

It will be available in Budapest Pink, Aquatic Green, Cloud White and Basalt Black, inspired by the color palette of Wes Anderson. CYBERBOARD R3 is priced at 570 USD for Budapest Pink, Aquatic Green and Basalt Black and 620 USD for the Cloud White variant.

“CYBERBOARD is a product for nerds in the know. Many of its early supporters came from tech companies like Google, Tesla and Facebook.” said Li Nan, founder of Angry Miao. “However, street fashion and unique sub-cultures are something we’re truly interested in. Hypebeast’s coverage on our AM HATSU keyboard only further strengthened this interest. Thus, Wes Anderson inspired this generation of CYBERBOARD. We hope that the striking shades of his color palette – pink in particular – would interest new female users. Although we may find out that buyers are still the hardcore geeks afterall.”

Inspired by Wes Anderson

The new colors of CYBERBOARD R3 were inspired by the color palette of talented director Wes Anderson. This palette stands out with its soft pastels and low saturation. Supplemented by symmetrical compositions, elegant settings, and a memorable soundtrack, it brings a true sense of exquisite wonder. Those who have watched Wes Anderson movies will find a sense of familiarity with CYBERBOARD R3.

To transplant this high-level and understated color palette onto CYBERBOARD, Angry Miao experimented with hundreds of different color adjustments and decided to use electrophoresis with a higher level of color saturation, creating its unique color shade.

The aluminum frame on the front of CYBERBOARD is formed through CNC processing, sandblasting and anodizing electrophoresis. Afterwards, a unique matte ceramic texture with its stylish and delicate color shade is formed. This form of metal processing also ensures a higher level of scratch resistance.

In addition, Angry Miao has also prepared Basalt Black for our most hardcore fans. This profound and restrained black color is the perfect cure for undecided.

A familiar Gasket Mount

CYBERBOARD R3 adopts the latest generation of Gasket Mount. Carefully optimized according to the feedback from our fans, this generation of CYBERBOARD feels and sounds even better.

The default plate once again adopts hollow processing with leaf spring-like structure, reducing resonance and allowing for a purer typing sound. Besides the default plates matching CYBERBOARD’s colors, Brushed Brass, Golden Black FR-4, 1.5mm Translucent PC and Black Aluminum plates are also available for the true OGs.

Show Off Your Creativity

When it comes to custom lighting effects, CYBERBOARD R3 has got you covered with three DIY lighting effect slots and key light linkage functionality. Brand-new RGB hardware and 256-level DC dimming bring a higher refresh rate and stronger color performance. To meet the needs of individual users, a DIY Wes Anderson color scheme is included.

Combining an elegant and advanced color scheme with a hardcore shape is yet another bold effort by Angry Miao. Worried that this combo won’t work? Seeing it in real life will instantly take away your doubts. Whether you’re a mechanical keyboard lover or Wes Anderson fan, this is a product that’s worth your while.

About Angry Miao

Established in 2019, Angry Miao is committed to bringing future technology to consumers through close community interaction, while at the same time providing advanced futuristic product designs. This towards building a Future Art Community.

Products include TWS and revolutionary wireless desktop products, as well as IP-centric products, in order to enhance the emotional brand connection.

Angry Miao founder Li Nan believes that through the Community Driven and D2C sales model, Angry Miao is capable of creating a high-end trendy hi-tech brand widely recognized by global consumers.

Last Updated on 2021/10/19

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