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ZACK x A.CLOUD: a camera bag capsule collection in collaboration with photographer Zack Zhang

A.Cloud, a brand of luxury bags with a vintage soul, once again demonstrates its passion for art.

After the capsule collection in collaboration with the Louvre Museum, it approaches the world of photography by presenting a mini collection of bags dedicated to cameras and mobile phones. The project was born from the close collaboration with the famous fashion photographer Zack Zhang who transmitted to the company all his knowledge to produce an elegant and fashionable accessory capable of containing professional photographic cameras and mobile phones, which have transformed the art of photography into an immediate act.

The Zack x A.Cloud capsule has two different models available in four colours: Classic Black, Retro Brown, Elegant Gray, and Andy Warhol Ming Yellow. The bag has a rectangular shape with rounded corners to give an aerodynamic aesthetic and recalls the curvature of the classic Laica M model. The front is enriched with a decoration in the shape of circular convex lenses in a pop style. A.Cloud has always claimed to bring art closer to everyday life, hence the idea of transforming a commonly used accessory into a real container for a tool that art creates. Especially today that thanks to technology the phone has become a full-fledged camera and photography is now a passion for many, so A.Cloud could not give up its contribution by creating a bag to use all days for photographic art lovers.

Last Updated on 2021/10/18

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