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The Missing Buddhas by Tony Miller

Last Updated on 2021/08/31

As chaos reigned in China in the early 1900s, a group of life-sized Buddhist statues suddenly appeared and caused a sensation, being both exquisite and completely unlike anything else ever seen in Chinese art.


Museums and collectors around the world competed for them, but who made them and when? The Missing Buddhas tells their story and unravels the question of their origins. Tony Miller takes a scalpel to tall tales, debunks myths, and discovers their true history. In doing so, he opens a window on a fascinating period in Chinese history and introduces an extraordinary cast of characters as he leads the reader clue by clue to the real provenance of these beautiful enigmas.

About The Author

Tony Miller (苗學禮) is a long-time resident of Hong Kong with a keen interest in Chinese painting, porcelain, jade and the conversations across borders that have influenced art and style through the ages. He is a former President of Hong Kong’s Oriental Ceramic Society and a member of the Min Chiu Society, and has published a variety of papers on previously unresearched aspects of Chinese antiquities. Since 1979, he and his wife Nga-ching (雅貞) have wandered all over China, happily exploring its historic sites and natural wonders.

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