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Top Tips how to Communicate without Long Pauses during a Date

People are social creatures who require communication and interaction with other folks. The most special type of relationship is dating somebody. It may grow in true love, which will end up with the creation of a family, having children, and being happy for the rest of your days. Consequently, your dates are of huge importance. When people don’t know each other well, they lose the grip of conversations and simply fall silent. It will definitely destroy everything and you may never see that girl/boy anymore. If you want to avoid awkward silences during a date, read our guide attentively and learn more about Ukrainian ladies for marriage.

Skip Controversial Topics

The first rule of all “first” dates is to avoid controversial topics. They may create a strong tension or grow into an open confrontation. The worst topics to discuss at first dates are everything related to:

  • Religion;
  • Politics;
  • Abortion;
  • Crime;
  • Gender equality;
  • Racism;
  • Finances, etc.

These topics are very delicate and tricky. A person doesn’t know you well and may misunderstand some of your thoughts or beliefs. Thus, you may be blamed for racism or hatred of any religion. It’s always better to choose neutral topics. They may be about your future objectives, hobbies, favorite movies, music, and so on.

Forget about the Past

Make sure you don’t stick to the events that happened to you or your date in the past. For example, many people begin to tell about their ex-girlfriends (boyfriends). The others begin to reveal their previous misfortunes, some problems of the past, etc. You’d better focus on the present and future. The only exception may be when both of you agree on these terms.

Siblings and Friends

Another great point to dwell upon is to talk about your siblings and friends. You definitely have relatives and friends, as well as your date. It’s a great chance to break the ice of silence and relax. Both of you will have pleasant and funny memories to share. Use this opportunity to avoid awkward silences. When you’ve finished your story, ask: “What about you?”

Talk about Traveling

Almost all people adore traveling. It’s one of the most captivating and emotional activities. Therefore, both sides will like to discuss this popular topic. Tell about your experiences even if they are some short trips to the neighboring town.

At times, people don’t have any traveling experience at all. What to do in that situation? There’s nothing to worry about! Use the power of your imagination and try to imagine where you will travel to in the future. Perhaps it’ll be a journey with your date?

Ask about Achievements

Most people likewise adore talking about themselves. Therefore, give your date that opportunity. Ask him/her about his/her achievements and how they were reached. It’s an excellent method to overcome silence and learn something special about your date. For example, you may learn about knowledge, skills, preferences, talents, or ambition.

Ask about Hobbies

One of the most popular and winning topics is a hobby. No matter how different people are, we all have at least one hobby. It’s another great method to learn something crucial about your partner. Be an attentive listener to memorize that information. You may be even lucky to have the same or similar hobbies.

Your story should be detailed and creative. Add the necessary details. Explain why you’ve chosen a concrete activity, what it brings you, and how you usually fulfill it. In case you have several hobbies, you’ll have more themes to fill in the gaps of silence.

Undertake some Activities

You may be taken by surprise, but it’s not always necessary to talk all the time long. If you feel exhausted or both of you run out of the topics, undertake some interesting activity. A lot depends on the place to meet. You may dance, sing in a karaoke bar, ride bicycles, play scrabble, and something of the kind. There are no limits if you’re enthusiastic and creative.

Entertaining activities will bring you closer and will give some time to recharge. When they are over, people commonly feel refreshed and come up with new ideas to discuss. Think about possible activities beforehand.

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