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Spring Flower: A Tale of Two Rivers

Spring Flower: A Tale of Two Rivers by Jean Tren-Hwa Perkins, MD

The story of one woman’s journey from poverty to privilege to persecution, and her determination to
survive as history and circumstance evolved around her. Tren-Hwa (“Spring Flower”) was born in a
hut by the Yangtze River during the catastrophic floods of 1931. She was given up for adoption to a
missionary couple, Dr. Edward Perkins and his wife. Renamed Jean Perkins, she attended schools in
China and in New York, and after World War II returned to China with her parents. Spring Flower is
eyewitness history and the eloquent memoir of a young girl growing up during the brutal Japanese
occupation and the communist takeover of China.

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About The Author

After coming to America, Richard attended Milton Academy, Milton, Massachusetts, as many of the Perkins children had. He then went to live with his adoptive mother, Kate Louise Ploeg, the youngest sister of Deanetta and Elizabeth Ploeg, and earned his BS in Chemistry and Mathematics from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He studied organic chemistry and obtained his PhD at the University of Chicago. After working as aresearch associate at the University of Chicago and Columbia University, he became a faculty member at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities before moving to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Richard received a National Science Foundation Career Award and was a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar. He is currently the Laura and Edward Kremers Professor of Natural Products Chemistry and the University of Wisconsin–Madison Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor.

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