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Canadian restaurant adds a cat-like robot to its waiting staff

Pudu Robotics’ BellaBot has recently been introduced to Sushi Island, a restaurant in Canada, as the most stylish addition to the restaurant’s waiting staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This innovative robot server has been well received among the local community since its first day at the restaurant. A reporter from NTV visited the restaurant for an interview, and posted a video of how the robot worked there on Twitter, which got tens of thousands of views.

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According to a worker at Sushi Island, the restaurant has experienced a sharp increase in its number of visits since BellaBot was adopted on January 17. The locals professed their love for the robot, and said that it was great to have her around for delivery.

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BellaBot has been a great help in the restaurant’s effort to provide contact-less delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak. Manager at Sushi Island told the NTV reporter that no employees would be laid off because of BellaBot. She was introduced as a way to help servers, and make customers feel safer with less human contact during a pandemic.

Here is how BellaBot has been received by the locals.

“A few more jobs out the door”

“I bet no one lost their job for this but it provides better service experience to the customer, more business and more jobs.”

“OMG! My kids watch Sam & Cat on Netflix and they have a restaurant with robot servers. This totally reminded me of that. My kids think this is super cool !”

“We were there on Saturday. Bella is a treat and was quite amusing to my children & myself. Way to go @sushiisland. Does not replace the human interaction at all, just allows for less physical contact.”

“I am impressed. Can it sing?”

Employees at Sushi Island told Pudu Robotics that they posted a video showing the work of BellaBot on Facebook, and the popularity was unprecedented. As of January 24, only one week after BellaBot’s arrival, the video got 910 shares, 924 comments, and 433 likes, and these figures are still growing.

This cute, lovely robot cat is developed by Pudu Robotics, a world-leading provider of commercial robots. Notably, BellaBot is the one and only indoor delivery robot with a novel, cute cat face in Pudu’s robot family and even in the robotics industry. BellaBot is unique in that she is easier and more friendly to approach, both visually and tactilely, thanks to its multi-modal interaction that integrates visual, tactile, and auditory senses.

BellaBot can easily move, orient and navigate all by herself in highly dynamic and crowded environments. Equipped with intelligent induction trays, the robot can deliver food to 3 to 4 tables at a time. When she arrives at a table, the light strip beside the tray starts to flash, reminding the customers to pick up the food. After the food is taken off the tray, the light strip goes out, at which point the robot will move on to the next table.

In addition to the basic Delivery mode, BellaBot also comes with a Cruise mode, which is designed for the robot to move back and forth to deliver snacks or buffet food. In Cruise mode, the robot can walk around at the front door of the shopping center or the restaurant to help attract customers. BellaBot also offers a Birthday mode, in which she delivers birthday cakes accompanied by music blessings. Yes, she is also a singing robot!


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