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7 Top Action Chinese Movies You’ve Never Seen

Last Updated on 2023/04/24

Unseen Action Movies of China: 7 Films You Most Probably Missed

Even if you are not a fan of Chinese action movies like me, sometimes there surely appears the appropriate mood when you want to see something like that. As a student, I usually go to the website, order academic help there, and spend some good time watching that featured, stylish, and breathtaking Eastern Story.

Here are 7 Chinese action movies you probably have never seen (unless you’re a more dedicated fan than I am). I recommend every student check these my assignment help reviews on ScamFighter, entrust your academic tasks to pros better than them, and then pick one of the movies below.

Let’s rock!

1. Eastern Condors (1987)

The Rambo-stylized film starring most outstanding actors of Hong Kong actions of all time. Lots of shooting, battling, stunning martial arts, and exciting cameraman tricks are all here, provided by “Eastern Condors.”

Sammo Hung, the widely acknowledged action movie legend, went ahead of Sylvester Stallone with the concept of getting the highest concentration of icons per frame. In addition to Sammo Hung, “Eastern Condors” show Yuen Woo-ping, Wu Ma, Corey Yuen, Dick Wei, more. A cherry on a cake is Haing S. Ngor, who holds the Oscar reward.

Still, that masculine gang gets dominated by one single person. I mean Joyce Godenzi, who later married Sammo Hung in real life. Just watch the tricks she shows on camera, but get ready to be amazed first.

2. Tai Chi Master (1993)

Back at the beginning of the 1990s, Jet Li was at the top of the action Olympus. The “Tai Chi Master” movie is an Asian story about a couple of best friends, which can be called classical. Two young men leave their native Temple of Shaolin for the very first time. Later, they find out that their ways split up drastically: friends see each other fighting for rivaling forces of some civil war.

The story is about personal changes and a lifelong road trip. On their way, heroes meet characters helping them overcome difficulties. The heroine by the legendary actress Michele Yeoh is definitely worth your special attention here.

3. Come Drink with Me (1966)

A flashback to the past will let you enjoy a truly old-school approach towards high-quality filmmaking of the 1960s. This story begins with the kidnapping. Someone stole a governor’s kid, and the desperate father hires a female fighter to bring the child back.

A woman is an experienced and strong battle master, but the evil forces still outnumber and dominate her. The hero to assist her on a mission is the most unexpected one ever: some drunk man, definitely having something to hide, and being connected with the evildoers somehow.

This film stands out of the crowd of martial-art-based movies from China with its approach towards battle scenes. Instead of intense hand-to-hand combats, it impresses the viewer with perfectly elegant swordfights. Totally recommended!

4. Hard Boiled (1992)

It’s John Woo’s film featuring the fascinating Chow Yun Fat. His hero is “Tequila” Yuen, a detective uniting with the conspiracy police officer Alan (Tony Leung). Back in the past, some weapon traders murdered Tequila’s friend and job partner. Now, Yuen and Alan are going through a revenge way.  

You’ll definitely understand why this movie is so iconic and legendary for Chinese action cinema fans. Just spend some time watching it with pleasure.

5. SPL: Kill Zone (2005)

This movie is the relatively new tribute to classical heroic movies Hong Kong directors loved to film so much back in the 1980s and 1990s. Though it has some featured style: if other films of that type are usually about gunfights, this one concentrates more on hand-to-hand battles’ brutality and excitement. 

At the same time, other characteristic components of this style are in place: sensitive and even melodramatic character and plot, sudden violence bursts, violent men examination in a melancholic key, etc. You definitely should see it if you want to watch a Chinese movie making deeper sense with its plot.

6. Kung-Fu Hustle (2004)

The first loud appearance of Stephen Chow on the scene is tightly connected with his mix of sports and martial art combats in Shaolin Soccer. The idea was crazy. But then it became brilliant in its craziness.

The film I mention here is not that special. However, Kung-Fu Hustle has its plot crafted and served a lot better. It’s somewhat of a next step in Chow’s moviemaking mastery. Worth watching at least because of the original story you won’t find anywhere else but China.

7. Firestorm (2013)

The police special forces group is on a mission to neutralize the dangerous and cruel gang of collector unit robbers. That’s almost all you need to know about this movie, as its title finalizes the concept perfectly here.

“Firestorm” is a fast-paced action keeping the viewer tensed all the time with some lyric pauses. The only lack that is especially visible is the CGI of the pretty average quality. It has something in common with an essay service described in a review of customwritings: graphic pretends to be cool, but everyone knows it isn’t.

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