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8 Things to Pack for a Trip to Dali

Last Updated on 2020/11/09

Traveling to Dali, China can be a lot of fun. It is a unique place with a rich history and interesting city life. Be sure to pack everything you need! 

A beautiful Dali, China, attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are good reasons for it. The city has a unique landscape, gorgeous natural sights, and rich history just like so many other Chinese regions. Don’t forget about the nightlife as well. The city is also very popular due to its love for the party. Hence, you can find in Dali any type of vacation you want. It can be calm and peaceful, full of nature and the history of the region. It can be wild and adventurous, with extensive shopping and nightlife. Still, regardless of the type of trip you want, there are things that every traveler to Dali must take with them.

Here are 8 things that we recommend to pack when traveling to Dali.

  1. A face mask

Yes, the travel restrictions have been already lifted in many countries. Though, it doesn’t mean that there are no more risks to your health. China, after being the hotbed for the sadly known world virus, is treating the security measure with all the seriousness it can show. Hence, don’t forget a facemask when you are traveling to Dali. It will be required at any place with large crowds, which concerns all the touristic sights. 

  1. A sunscreen

Don’t be fooled by the colder seasons. Even if you are planning to travel to Dali soon, you will still need sunblock. Dali is considered to be in a tropical climate. It means that the sun will be your enemy there. You can order a whole paper at on the dangers of sun exposure. Autumn or winter seasons are no better regarding the sun situation. So don’t forget your sunscreen unless you want a sunburn. 

  1. Rain Jacket

As we have already said, Dali is known for its very tricky weather. Before going there, learn about the seasons in Dali. If you are going during Autumn or winter, it is going to be wet. Tropical regions in Asia can get very rainy during those seasons. So be sure to pack a rain jacket with yourself. When you are traveling across the region and don’t carry many clothes with you, a rain jacket can become a lifesaver. It gets dry really fast, it doesn’t let the water in, and it weighs almost nothing. A perfect clothing item for traveling. 

  1. Hiking boots

Dali has a truly unique and beautiful nature. You will not see anything like that in other corners of the world. Hence, be sure to use this opportunity and to travel around the region. The countryside will surprise you with its beauty and diversity. You can even look for essay writing help online to order a paper on the natural history of the region. Though, just going hiking can do a lot too. It is also a mountain region, so don’t forget your hiking boots. You will need during all those long hours of walking in the wild. 

  1. Light travel towel 

Any traveler needs to have a light travel towel. It is just a must-have on your list. Once again, when traveling to Dali, you don’t want to miss out on anything. It means that you have to be active and travel light. Having too much stuff will only slow you down. Having a light travel towel that can dry fast will be a huge asset to your travels. 

  1. Warm clothes

Don’t be fooled by the tropical-like climate. Dali is located at a high elevation which means that it is still pretty chilly out there. Regardless of the season, you are traveling, it will never get too hot. So be ready for cold nights, and cool mornings. Of course, having a set of warm clothes is needed in a climate like this one. So pack a scarf, sweater, and other warm clothes for your liking. Think of Dali’s weather as you imagine an eternal spring would feel like. It’s never too cold, though the heat of the sun is not enough to make you sweat.

  1. Diary

The nature of Dali has a unique meditative effect on you. Because of that, we recommend packing a diary. You can write down your thoughts on the city, nature, lifestyle, or your own life. Later on, you can even use those notes to create a proper story, of course, with some use of academic writing help services. Use this time in Dali to rest and reflect on your life back home. Dali can be a great place to rethink some of your ideas and let go of unnecessary worries. Keep a diary to write down all your thoughts so you can read them when you are back!

  1. Personal essentials 

China has rather different customs, traditions, norms, and markets than we do. So if you have some absolute necessities you can’t live without, whether these are medicine, makeup, hygiene products, or snacks, be sure to pack them with you. It will save you from heartbreak when you discover that they don’t have those personal essentials of yours in China. 

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