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Romanticism in China: Poems that Teach and Enchant Us Today

The artistic expression of social situations has been and continues to be one of the most effective ways to create awareness of what is happening globally.

This is because it allows personal analysis of different elements and the presentation based on an individual perspective. Chinese literature, in the age of Romanticism, was rich in all these aspects. This period in history came with tremendous change and growth in poetry and other forms of literature.

Romanticism in China was birthed by war and industrial revolutions; thus, most of the poems written in the period are reflective of this aspect. However, while the inspiration was similar for various artists, their approaches varied. This created diverse types of Romanticism.

Writing about Romanticism in China

Some university courses require an exploration of Romanticism in China. This can either in terms of researching history or literature. At times, you might need to define the relationship between the two. Students looking to delve into this issue for their essays have vast book options depending on the aspect they choose to focus on.

If you are a student who needs to write an essay about it, you need to familiarize yourself with other people’s work to gain perspective. While there are many ways to do this, reading romanticism essays is one of the most effective ways. These examples allow you to see what is expected by your teacher for your submission. Fortunately, you can opt to have someone who understands the topic to cover your assignment.

In most cases, the theme of your papers will revolve around war, helplessness, missing home, wondering about a loved one, or nostalgia as these feelings were commonly described by Chinese writers.


Types of Romanticism in Chinese Literature

Lyrical Tradition

This was based on self and the world. Lyrical tradition explored individual motivations. These types of poems were sensory and imagistic. Poets explored the two aspects, with the focus being on how individuals saw the world. Romantic Chinese poetry has little to do with romantic feelings towards partners, which would be the obvious conclusion.

Sentimental vs Propriety

The sentimental and propriety variation of Romanticism in China was informed by innate humanity. Those who wrote this type of poetry explored how this humanity influenced morality on the same level.

Enchanting Poems from the Romanticism Era

Romanticism saw a rise in poetry, not only in terms of an increase in the number of pieces but also in that of writers. Poets from various social and economic standings added their voice, in turn, creating diversity in perspective. This contributed to the richness of poems in the era.

Chinese tradition, specific to traditions, beliefs, culture, and location, were highly depicted in the literature. Chinese symbols, which are vital elements, were also used.

Here are some popular pieces from the period:

Drinking alone under the moon – Li Bai

The poet regards solitude as his companion as he has no company to drink with. In this poem, Li Bai, uses accessible elements such as the moon and his shadow to drown his aloneness. He reiterates that despite the lack of company, he will make merry and take advantage of the period he is in.

On Climbing Youzhou Tower – Chen Zi’ang

This short poem explores the infiniteness of time and the fleeting aspect that is human life. In it, he speaks of the impossibility of meeting those that came before him and those in the future. On Climbing Youzhou Tower is a depiction of the fragility of life.

Encountering Sorrow – Li Sao

The poet criticizes leadership from his point of view; Li Sao speaks of how the leader affects him as an individual, and he uses plants and nature to describe this. The poet places an instance on the intentionality of the evil to ignore his predicament and wishes and harm him.

Viewing the Moon and Thinking of the Dear One Afar – Zhang Jiuling

The poet reminisces the memory of a loved one. He expresses his longing for them while acknowledging the despair of the distance between them. In the poem, the moon is his comfort and the reminder that his loved one is far away.

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