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H3C Wi-Fi 6 Access Point Registers Fastest Connection Speed Ever Tested: Tolly Test Report

H3C’s Wi-Fi 6 flagship access point WA6628 delivers single-client wireless throughput up to 4.176Gbps on the 5 GHz radio, representing the fastest Wi-Fi connection speed that has been tested by Tolly Group so far, according to a recent report of the leading global provider of testing and third-party validation and certification services to the IT industry.

The new Tolly Test Report revealed test results of the performance, a maximum number of clients, features, and Internet of Things (IoT) integration of H3C’s four WA66 Wi-Fi 6 access points and six WA63 Wi-Fi 6 access points. Both series provide high single-client and multi-client performance, suggested the report.

To evaluate the 5 GHz radio performance of the H3C WA6628 Wi-Fi 6 access point, Tolly engineers used a Spirent C50 Wi-Fi 6 test appliance to simulate single wireless client access to the WA6628.

Test results showed that the WA6628 provides a downlink TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) throughput of 4.176Gbps in 4×4 MIMO, four spatial streams, and 160 MHz bandwidth mode.

Single-client Throughput

Tolly engineers used the latest Wi-Fi 6 mobile terminal to access the H3C WA6320, WA6330, and WA6338 Wi-Fi 6 access points, and used IxChariot to test their performance, noted the report.

The results indicated that the H3C WA63 Wi-Fi 6 access point series provides a single-client downlink wireless throughput over 945Mbps on the 5 GHz radio and over 460Mbps on the 2.4 GHz radio, improving performance by more than 33 percent and 95 percent over Wi-Fi 5 access points, respectively.

Multi-client Throughput

Tolly engineers simulated a good number of Wi-Fi 6 clients to access the 5GHz radio and the 2.4 GHz radio simultaneously, and verified that the system throughput of H3C WA6628 and WA6320 Wi-Fi 6 dual-radio access points can reach 4.5Gbps and 1Gbps respectively, said the report.

The H3C WA6638 and WA6330 Wi-Fi 6 triple-radio access points have a system throughput up to 4.02Gbps and 1.78Gbps respectively, according to the report.

Such throughput capacities can effectively solve the problem of concurrent Internet lag that often happens when multiple people work with the help of a Wi-Fi system simultaneously, and enable relevant products to handle the ever-increasing traffic in the application scenarios of such technologies as 4K high-definition video, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

Multimedia Streaming

The H3C WA6638 and WA6338 Wi-Fi 6 triple-radio access points each allows 650 clients to simultaneously stream multimedia applications, while the WA6330 access point supports up to 610 clients to simultaneously stream multimedia applications, said the report.

The excellent capacities can significantly improve users’ Wi-Fi experience in high-density scenarios like conference halls.

User Capacity

The H3C WA6638, WA6630X, and WA6338 Wi-Fi 6 access points each can provide wireless access simultaneously for 1,500 clients, according to the report, which showed that the H3C WA6330 access point can provide wireless access simultaneously for 1,280 clients.

IoT Integration

Tests conducted by Tolly Group suggested that many models of the H3C WA66 and WA63 Wi-Fi 6 access point series can use built-in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and radio frequency identification devices (RFID), and exchange data with IoT endpoints.

The WA6322, WA6330, WA6622, WA6630X, and WA6638 access points provide PoE ports, which can connect to and supply power and transmit data for external IoT modules, the report disclosed.

H3C has been developing wireless products for more than ten years and ranked first in the Chinese enterprise Wireless LAN (WLAN) market for 11 consecutive years.

The company has introduced a Wi-Fi 6+5G+IoT integration solution, which could fully manage basic connectivity concerning Wi-Fi 6, 5G and IoT through a unified platform architecture, thus realizing flexible network expansion, unified management, and unified data, and lower construction costs.

The newly upgraded Wi-Fi 6 access points of H3C, which feature fast connection speed and stability, aim to meet the demand for connectivity in various scenarios and guarantee the stable operation and long-term development of clients’ businesses.

Adhering to its “AI in ALL” strategy and “Digital Brain Project 2020”, H3C has developed a total of 18 Wi-Fi 6 products fully covering different scenarios in various industries.

By providing a rich variety of scenario-based Wi-Fi solutions, the company has been actually laying foundation for the digital transformation of various sectors.   

Last Updated on 2020/10/19

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