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Angry Miao Breaks Into TWS Industry With New NOWIRE Lineup Focused on Subculture and Community Co-Creation

Last Updated on 2020/09/17

For those looking to have their favorite subcultures imprinted on their tech devices, a start-up company from China has the answer.

Angry Miao, a homegrown technology brand focusing on revolutionizing wireless desktop products, has announced the launch of its new product line–NOWIRE with a vision to eliminate all wires from peripheral equipment in three years. Built on the idea of community-driven creation, Angry Miao has set up communities online to engage tech enthusiasts across the world to co-create products that will cater to their needs and preferences.

“The future of technology is all about going wireless,” said Li Nan, Founder of Angry Miao. “Angry Miao plans to establish itself as a premium Chinese brand and slowly gain global traction by setting technological and cultural trends and tapping into 12 different and highly popular subcultures over the next three years.”

ZhenFund, a venture capital and seed fund, pointed out that Angry Miao is a unique company centered on users and creating unique subcultural products.

Since founding, the company has been focused on the idea of co-creation to foster a more inclusive culture and create technology products that tie like-minded enthusiasts together through culture-based insights and preferences of Gen Z consumers. Its first product, CYBERBOARD, is a custom cyberpunk mechanical keyboard inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck and the first of its kind to feature a customizable LED panel, as well as support for wireless charging and Bluetooth. The first 1000 limited edition CYBERBOARDs were sold out within a day after market debut.

Angry Miao’s newly announced NOWIRE product line features several new wireless desktop devices including:

  • CYBERMAT, the world’s first 15-coil 6-device wireless charging mat. The charging coils have been carefully positioned to cover a wider surface area, making it a powerful supercharging station for digital devices such as iPhones, AirPods, wireless mouses, CYBERBOARD and every other digital peripheral that supports wireless charging.
  • CYBERSWITCH, a wireless desktop keyboard that features both tactile and linear switches. It delivers a responsive and tactile typing experience between every key press and the durable framework ensures a long-lasting reliable performance.
  • Customizable keycaps that come in two of the most popular themes: “Back to The Future” and “Time Machine”, which are created in collaboration with themed keycaps author BUGER and custom-tailored keycaps manufacturer ZOMO Plus.
  • CYBERCOIN is a brand-new wireless mouse retrofit kit that matches CYBERMAT perfectly with an output level of up to 2.5W.

To celebrate NOWIRE’s launch, Angry Miao launched 100 limited NOWIRE packages, where each set includes a CYBERBOARD, CYBERSWITCH, CYBERMAT, CYBERCOIN, cyberpunk-style satellite axes, “Back to The Future”- themed keycaps and a personalized keycap-“Time Machine”. The company has also stated that free assembly services will be available for customers who purchased the deal.

Li Nan also announced that the company is also set to release CYBERBLADE, a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) noise-cancelling earbuds with the world’s lowest latency, in late December, 2020. With an emphasis placed on the expression of subculture, CYBERBLADE features a futuristic design that draws its inspiration from the classic cyberpunk movie Blade Runner 2049.

Along the list of digital goods, Angry Miao also introduced several peripherals such as EXT T-shirts and AM TOYS blind boxes, as well as CYBERCHARGE, a 90W GaN charger to meet all charging needs on the go. To learn more about these products, please visit:

About Angry Miao

Founded in 2019, Angry Miao is a digitally native vertical brand focusing on TWS and revolutionizing wireless desktop products, as well as IP-centric products to enhance emotional brand connection.

We integrate subculture trends to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of cultural and emotional values in addition to reliable functionality, so as to make the world a better place with more choices.

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