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China puts the city of Shulan under lockdown after new COVID-19 cases

Chinese authorities have sealed off the city of Shulan in the northeast of the country, inhabited by about 700,000 people, due to the new outbreak of the coronavirus.

A series of measures have therefore been taken to isolate the city as in the case of Wuhan.

All villages and residential districts have been closed, and only one person per household is allowed to leave home for up to two hours for supplies.

Last week Shulan was reclassified as high risk after some cases of coronavirus linked to a woman who had not previously traveled and had not been exposed to the virus had emerged.

On Monday, these restrictions were increased. Hundreds of people are currently under medical quarantine and life may not return to normal again for several weeks. Coronavirus cases in the northern province of Jilin seem to have come from neighboring Russia, now one of the countries with the highest number of infected in the world.

On Wednesday, China reported six other new cases of COVID-19, of which three were transmitted locally, two in Jilin and one in Hubei, and 17 new asymptomatic cases.

Another nearby city introduced protective measures on Tuesday. Due to the pandemic, public transport in Shulan and between nearby cities has been suspended.

Beijing recently announced that some precautionary measures could be relaxed after the previously postponed annual party conference, known as “the two sessions“.

Chinese students abroad, businessmen, and small groups of tourists may be among the first categories to take advantage of the relaxation of protective health measures.

According to Chinese authorities, the country “can now properly handle a small level of imported cases”.

Recently, Japan, China, and South Korea have started discussions about opening safe channels for business travelers.

Image source: Xinhua

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