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China Firewall

China has an incredibly large population and a government that affects the way the online activity works. In fact, the rules are extremely strict in China and there are a lot of websites that we access daily that are off-limits to the population of China.

The censorship platform that China employs to keep such a strict censorship on what citizens can access is referred to as the Great Firewall of China. This platform actually monitors what is allowed to be accessed on the internet for the people who live in China.


Of course, China has actually been extremely well-known for strictly censoring for quite a long amount of time. Yet, these strict online restrictions are even more tight than ever before. This may have to do with the current president of China.

In earlier years, access to the internet was allowed much more freely. China gained access to the internet in 1994 and at the time they were essentially allowed free reign of the information that could be accessed there. In fact, at the time, this was a part of a plan from the government to improve the declining economy.

However, when the government realized the wild popularity that was catching on, they began to censor the information that was allowed to be let out. They worried that the more their people were allowed access to the internet, the more information other countries would have about them.

In China, they also have government hired influencers that are constantly posting content that is pro-China policy. Similar to the social media influencers wildly popular in a variety of niches in the American culture. Although obviously used for wildly different reasons.

The “Why” Behind the Firewall

In most places in the world, the restriction to the internet is extremely limited. However, China is among the strictest in regards to censorship, and they have always led in this area. China believes that by restricting internet access, they are protecting the citizens of the country by maintaining the security of their nation.

This is troublesome for many reasons, so it is no wonder that many citizens are wondering how to get around the great wall. There are actually a few solutions to bypass the China wall.

Getting Around the Wall

There are a few ways to get around the Great China Firewall, but the most popular are referred to as VPNs. These are websites that essentially allow the user to bypass the firewall that is blocking their access to the websites they want to visit on their laptop or computer.

Final Thoughts

The censorship on the use of personal internet in China is a bit concerning for many reasons. Luckily, there are many ways that citizens can overcome these firewalls that are blocking them from accessing the internet freely as they would like. Major changes will need to happen in order for the citizens to freely access the internet as they wish. Using a VPN is a viable option for those who are looking for a way around the internet blockage.

Last Updated on 2021/11/18

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