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Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4 Launches with UNISOC 8521E

Last Updated on 2020/04/10

As a leading global supplier of mobile communication and IoT chipsets, UNISOC announces today that 8521E for smart watches is powering the Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4.

With high integration, high performance and low power consumption, UNISOC 8521E supports a flexible combination of configurations and is widely applied in wearable products such as smart watches.

The chipset has integrated 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GNSS, which enables Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4 to support several LTE frequency bands and have access to 4G VoLTE + WiFi HD video calls in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Based on 8521E’s AI powered eight-fold precision positioning system, high-accuracy positioning SDK and cloud platform, the watch brings in sub-meter positioning accuracy and also capable of providing indoor positioning services in more than 4,000 large shopping malls, high-speed rail stations and airports.

With lightweighted operating system of 8521E and dedicated algorithms, the endurance of Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4 can last as long as eight days in standby mode. In addition, this new product has a 1.78-inch AMOLED full screen, and two 5-megapixels wide-angle cameras with AI support. Therefore, it allows children to capture images from their own unique perspective.

As a learning watch, Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4 has multiple built-in selected learning applications and supports software which performs AI assessment on accuracy of English pronunciation and other learning software. Children can interact with the watch by asking it questions, which brings interesting interactive experience in English learning.

“UNISOC is always committed to technical innovation. We are glad to cooperate with Xiaomi on Kids Watches that are designed to be fun and cool for kids while offering real-time positioning, happy learning,and safety features. UNISOC helps global manufacturers to drive the fast expansion of 4G kid watches with its 8521E series,” said David Wu, Executive Vice-President of UNISOC.

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