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Coronavirus: a young doctor is the latest victim as hundreds infected in China’s prisons

Last Updated on 2020/02/21

A 29-year-old doctor, Peng Yinhua, died in Wuhan from coronavirus.

The doctor worked at First People’s Hospital in Jiangxia district and contracted the virus while serving on the front line.

Peng, who had been featured in media for postponing his marriage to continue doing his job, was hospitalized on January 25th. His condition worsened on January 30, when he was transferred to Jiyitan hospital for emergency treatment. Peng died on Thursday at 9.50 in the evening, hospital authorities reported.

China reported a new increase in coronavirus cases in the country, confirming 1109 more infections (394 new infections were reported the day before), bringing the total number of infected to 74685.

The total number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus epidemic is 2236, of which 118 occurred on Thursday.

Chinese authorities also said that at least 500 cases have been confirmed in Chinese prisons.

On Friday, the province of Hubei corrected its numbers by adding another 220 infections that occurred within its penitentiary system.

There are 271 cases confirmed in the provincial penitentiary system.
230 cases occurred in the Wuhan Women’s Prison. The head of the prison has been dismissed.

In Shandong Province, 200 detainees and seven guards tested positive, while another 34 cases were confirmed in Shifeng Prison.

Two prison officials have been fired over the incident in Shilifeng.

In Beijing, 36 people tested positive at Fuxing Hospital causing renewed anxiety about the virus as residents of the capital were slowly returning to work.

Also in another hospital in the capital, Peking University People’s Hospital, three other people tested positive.

With increasing infections outside China, the World Health Organization has warned that countries are not treating the virus as “the number one public enemy”.

“If we don’t hit hard now using the window of opportunity, we might be faced with a serious problem,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Thursday. “This virus is very dangerous and it’s public enemy number one and it’s not being treated as such.”

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