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China arrested a whistleblower who shot videos showing coronavirus corpses in Wuhan

Last Updated on 2020/02/11

Chinese authorities arrested Fang Bin, a Chinese citizen who had posted a series of videos that had gone viral and were used by multiple local and international media documenting the situation in the quarantined city.

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A screenshot posted online also suggests that Fang was trying to post another video at the time of the arrest.

The man refused to leave the apartment on police requests. His home was therefore surrounded, blocking all escape routes, while firefighters broke down the door.

According to Fang, he had not yet been arrested until that moment due to the popularity of his videos, which had somehow protected him.

Fang had caught the attention of the Chinese authorities after he posted a video online earlier this month showing 8 corpses piling up at a crematorium in a public hospital within a few minutes. Fang was later detained by the authorities who ordered him to stop to spread other rumors.
However, Fang continued to publish videos online until his arrest on Monday.

Fang, like others, is one of several people who have been arrested or received intimidation by the authorities during the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan.

A few days ago the same fate happened to Chen Quishi, a lawyer who became an activist and a journalist who was put into “forced quarantine” after having a series of videos that testified the real situation in Wuhan.

Source: Vice

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