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China Tourist Attractions Temporarily Closed Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak, a leading travel organization with offices in China, Canada and the US, announces the temporary closure of most touristic attractions in China, as the government launches an aggressive plan to contain and defeat the coronavirus before summer.

“We would like to notify our dear western travelers that at this time, most of the scenic spots are closed in China to prevent the virus from spreading. The annual holiday has been extended to February 9th, and tourists, both local and foreign, are encouraged to stay home and avoid crowded places. It would be an unwise decision to travel to China for tourism these days given that the virus still hasn’t been fully contained and the tourist hotspots are closed anyways. We would suggest tourists wait at least 2-3 months before booking a China tour or trip,” says Eric Wang, travel expert at

The coronavirus has already caused a substantial impact on the tourism sector of countries popular amongst Chinese tourists such as Japan, Australia and Thailand as Chinese tourists have been urged by their government to stay home. SublimeChina’s announcement reveals that the virus is also impacting the local Chinese tourism sector as some of the most¬†popular tourist attractions like the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Potala Palace and many others are now closed. Several countries are also ordering their airlines to halt flights to China, in an effort to minimize the chances of the virus making it to their lands.

The government is deploying every effort to contain and eradicate the virus before summer
The government is deploying every effort to contain and eradicate the virus before summer

“The good news is that the Chinese government announced the deployment of 52 medical teams and over 6,000 doctors and nurses to Wuhan to help fight with the virus and care for the infected people. Our government is making every effort to develop the vaccine to fight against the virus. It is estimated to be finished soon. We would like to tell our western travelers that the situation will get better soon and the virus will be controlled. Besides, our government has a rich experience in this matter since the war against SARS in 2003. I believe we will definitely do better than 2003 and the virus is believed to be defeated around 3-4 months when the weather turns warm,” adds Mr Wang. 

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