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Top 7 China’s Most Prestigious Universities

Last Updated on 2020/01/28

Are you in the process of choosing what college or university you want to attend? It can take a while to decide what you want to study.

But when you have finally made up your mind, the next important question is what institution you are going to choose. One country that a lot of good universities to choose from in China. There are a number of colleges in China for international students, which means you could move abroad. You can study somewhere new and learn about a new country at the same time. Let’s take a look at international universities in China.

Tsinghua University

If you want to study mathematics or computing, then you have to take a look at Tsinghua University. That has been deemed one of the best universities in the world for these subjects and it is gaining popularity. This institution is based in Beijing and there are almost 26,000 students that attend this university. If you are a student wanting to experience new cultures and get your degree, you should apply to Tsinghua University. When you graduate, employers will look favourably at your degree from this prestigious university.

Peking University

Another university from Beijing that deserves a place on this list is Peking University. This one is known as a community university, with international students saying it is very accommodating and welcoming. There is an office of international relations that can help you when you are over there. You can learn Chinese or take programs in English. There are a lot of great courses you can take here and it is a fantastic opportunity to learn about another culture. There are dorms available too on campus so that you have somewhere secure to stay at Peking University.


Fudan University

Fudan University is worth considering if you are an international student. It has a large population of students. In fact, they claim it is the largest in China. This institution was founded in 1905 and it continues to have a good reputation. It is located in Shanghai, which gives you an opportunity to explore the city. There are over 350-degree programs to choose from, so there are plenty of options available if you are willing to learn.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Next up is Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This has a student population of 48,866 and there are also around 2,400 international students. This means that you will not be alone in your adventure. This is a great university to attend if you want to study types of engineering, chemistry or business and management. But you will have to work hard to gain admission. It might be a benefit to pay for your college essay in order to get a good grade when you are in. When you pay to write an essay, you can make sure that you receive good grades that can count towards your degree. A lot of students pay someone to write my essay as it can a while to settle into a new country. In addition, once you have your degree, you can also get paid to write essays.

Nanjing University

Nanjing University is a famous university in China and it is currently number 26in Asia for education. It was founded back in 1902 and it has grown significantly over the years. You can become part of its future if you are willing to get good grades to be accepted. Now, over 33,000 students attend classes here, with 28 schools to choose from. Around 3,200 international students come here to study. In particular, it is a good college for computer science, languages and chemistry.

Zhejiang University

Another good university to consider if you want to study abroad in China is Zhejiang University. There are over 150 undergraduate programs that you can choose from and lots of international students choose this school. Just remember that you will need good grades in order to make your application stand out from the crowd. This is an institution that focuses on research. This means that you can study here and improve this side of your education. It is one of the oldest universities in China.

Sun Yat-Sen University

Last but not least is Sun Yat-Sen University. This is a well-known institution that is known around the world. There are five different campuses for this big university and they are based in different cities. Sun Yat-Sen University has over 100 years of history that you can become a part of. In particular, computer science and technology degrees are popular with international students.

It Is Time to Apply

Do you still want to study abroad? Living in another country while you study for your degree is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In particular, there are a lot of top universities situated in China that you can learn. International students are always welcome at the university, with lots of universities now offering teaching in English to accommodate more students from abroad. Just remember that working hard to essential when you get into university. After all, you want to stay there and gain your degree!

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