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Youth With You Launches Season 2, LISA Learns a Dance from KUN and Falls in Love with Chinese Food

Last Updated on 2020/01/13

iQIYI-produced variety show “Youth With You” officially launched its second season in Guangzhou, China. At the press conference dubbed “Initial Launch”, Youth Producers’ Representative KUN, Dance Mentor LISA, Vocal Mentor Ella, and Rap Mentor JONY J appeared together for the first time, creating great chemistry in surprising interactions.

During the ceremony, the four mentors tasted some specialties of Guangzhou cuisine. LISA was so impressed by the deliciousness that she couldn’t stop praising “Yummy!” in Chinese. This is the first time LISA has starred in a Chinese variety show. She had lamented before that “Chinese is so hard to learn!” To encourage her to continue studying, JONY J presented LISA a dictionary. LISA was pleased by the gift and smiled sweetly. 

Later, LISA performed an impromptu dance to the song “Señorita”. The black dress she wore suavely flattered her figure. Her rhythm was so on point that the live audience started cheering nonstop.

KUN reprised the “PPAP” performance he gave on Idol Producer two years ago. Donning an elegant black suit, he switched back and forth between cool and cute seamlessly during the classic “Garlic Grinder” move. He even taught the “Garlic Grinder” to LISA. True to her “Dance Copy Machine” reputation, LISA only learned once and was able to repeat the dance perfectly. She even had power in her movements and precision in the details. KUN and LISA looked stunning dancing together.

This press conference marked the official start of shooting, an “Initial Launch” represented a new start for the show and the beginning of a voyage to their dreams for the idol trainees. The live-streamed event drew attention from far and wide.

“KUN teaches LISA the Garlic Grinder Dance” became the second most discussed topic on China’s largest social media platfrm, Weibo, accruing more than 600 million views.

The hashtag #YouthWithLaLisa also garnered tremendous fanfare on Twitter. It was trending in 11 countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, and Argentina. It was even trending at number one on the global charts.

Another thing to note is that show’s Head Producer Jiang Bin announced that a mysterious “Mentor X” will be joining the lineup. Endless possibilities are driving up viewer expectations for the show.

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