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Labpano’s New VR Camera is Here to Change the Game

Labpano (formerly Pisofttech), the leading panoramic hardware and solution provider, launches a new generation 360-degree panoramic camera, Pilot One. It supports 8K VR photography, recording, and even 8K live streaming. Pilot One comes with three unprecedented innovations in one camera:  Swiftbird, a cloud-based live streaming solution, Pilot Open System, allowing developers to build their own apps, and Pilot Tour, a realtime V-SLAM positioning solution for precisely-positioned virtual tours.

A Premium Design with High-end Hardware to Define a New Category
Pilot One is the tiniest 8K 360º camera currently on the market: built to a size of only 44mm x 44mm x 128mm (1.7 x 1.7 x 5 inches). It is packed with 4 high-end Sony image sensors and ultra-high precision lenses with an F2.28 aperture.

The 3400mAh battery easily supports 2 hours of continuous 8K recording and live streaming. Design-wise, it adopts an all-metal cuboid framework with elegant arc edges, making it a true blend of art and technology. 

Swiftbird 8K Live Streaming
Swiftbird is an end-to-end 8K stitching and distribution solution.

8K 360º live streaming has been a painful experience for many because of the requirement of a large and expensive stitching server. Labpano has changed this with a major innovative solution, Swiftbird 8K Cloud VR Live Streaming Solution. It frees administrators from moving around and setting up bulky physical servers, as well as heavy data change tasks due to the signal shift between different regions. Simply connect the camera to the network, you can easily share 8K high-quality 360° real-time contents across the globe.

Pilot Tour
Pilot Tour is a breakthrough for virtual tour creation. With centimeter-level location accuracy using Labpano’s V-SLAM algorithm, it is now possible to create large-scale tours with automatically positioned images. Compared with other third-party platforms, Pilot Tour can generate a virtual tour with fewer steps, less time, and lower cost. Pilot One is the most efficient VR camera to create an immersive tour in a large open space like a city square.

Pilot Open System
Pilot One is not only a VR camera but also a hardware platform. Pilot One is built on the Pilot Open System, an open operating system built from Android, allowing users to build their own app to fully control the camera, customizing the workflow to best suit their unique business needs.

Modules and Accessories for Ultra Flexibility and Expansion
Pilot One comes with a series of modular accessories for customers to purchase based on their own needs:

  • GPS module
  • 4G module
  • 5G module
  • Ambisonic Mic,
  • Dive Housing
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Protective Case
  • Charging Grip.

Pilot One is also equipped with an upgraded real-time PilotSteady™ Stabilization Technology to realize a rock-solid steady image quality even in the bumpiest environments and 8K live streaming on-the-move.

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 30, 2019, press release

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